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A Small School with a Big Heart, guiding our children to becoming kind and courageous citizens.

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Welcome to

Jordans School

A Small School with a Big Heart, guiding our children to becoming kind and courageous citizens.

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Y2 DEERS 2022-2023

Friday 27th January 2023

We have loved learning about the author Roald Dahl and his story The Enormous Crocodile. Our art work has centred around the illustrator of  Roald Dahl's children's books, Quentin Blake. He has a very distinctive drawing style and uses water colour paints to colour his illustrations. Deer Class have looked at many of Quentin Blake's own books too, which he has written and illustrated. We copied some of his pictures and experimented with water colours to produce our own homages to Quentin Blake.

Friday 20th January 2023

Deer Class have been getting creative in Science this week. We have been learning about animals and their habitats. The children brought shoe boxes into school and transformed them into different natural habitats. Our dioramas depict jungles, under the sea, the arctic, woodlands and deserts. They are now proudly displayed in class!

Friday 13th January 2023

In maths this week we were looking at arrays. These are arrangements of objects in equal rows and columns.

They are a pictorial representation of times tables. By the end of the week the children were writing number sentences using the 'X' multiplication symbol. Here we are writing sentences to describe arrays.


We used our new atlases on Monday to locate and name the countries of the United Kingdom. The children also found the capital cities and labelled the bodies of water that surround our islands.

Friday 6th January 2023

Deer Class returned to school full of enthusiasm for a new term of learning. We have embarked on a fresh topic, The Best of British. Check out our topic web to see all the avenues we will be exploring. Today, our first outdoor P.E. lesson, was all about practising hockey skills. The children were taught to hold the hockey stick correctly and control the ball while dribbling it through small spaces.

Friday 16th December 2022

A cold and frosty week full of Christmas festivities! The wintry weather kept us inside most of the time, but we did have some safe fun in the snow on Monday afternoon. It was a treat to see the children's happy faces as they built little snowmen!

Design Technology

We analysed, we assessed, we designed, we practised cutting and sewing skills and we made Christmas tree baubles! This week the children sewed their unique designs and evaluated the results. They are very proud to be bringing them home to hang on the family Christmas tree.

The Nativity

The school Nativity play is always a highlight of the year. Our wonderful children showcased their singing, dancing and acting talents in two memorable performances this week. Here are our wonderful cast of narrators, shepherds, wise men, angels, Mary, Joseph, the innkeeper and the census takers. 

We were also able to take a sample of our Nativity songs to Jordans Village residents on Thursday. Deer Class were warmly welcomed to the Village Hall where they entertained the local community with beaming smiles! Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday 9th December 2022

Our Christmas tree baubles are nearly ready! Deer Class have been cutting and sewing their lovely felt decorations. They will be adorning a Christmas tree near you shortly! Here are some sneaky peeks at their flourishing creations...

Friday 2nd December 2022

We had an AMAZING day in London yesterday! Deer Class visited St Paul's Cathedral to round off our topic on The Great Fire of London. We were treated to our own workshop where the children shared all their knowledge with our tour guide. They dressed up as some historical figures of the time- Samuel Pepys, Sir Christopher Wren and Thomas Farriner. We were given special access to the quire where the children were allowed to lay on the floor and look up at the ornate ceiling. It was a truly memorable trip!

Science- Materials and their Properties

This week the children were challenged to find a material suitable to make a mop for Cinderella. They tested the absorbency of foil, kitchen roll, plastic bags, paper and J-Cloths. Which one do you think they chose after their experiments?

Friday 25th November 2022

Deer Class re-enacted The Great Fire of London in a special Forest School session. We travelled back to 1666 on our pirate ship time machine! Once there, we visited Thomas Farriner's bakery and watched the fire start! We all had pictures of 17th century houses  and each child got to add their house to the fire. The final picture was St Paul's Cathedral. We also added wood to the fire to represent the material that so much of London was constructed with. We talked about Samuel Pepys and Mrs Finn brought some parmesan cheese for us to smell. Then, just like the people of the time, we put out the fire by making a line and passing along water from the River Thames. (Our River Thames was a plastic trug)

Design Technology

In preparation for making Christmas tree decorations, we learned some sewing skills this week. We can now all do running stitch, over stitch and sew on buttons!

Friday 18th November 2022

We waved 'fire sticks' as part of our drama session on The Great Fire of London. The children thought about the characters who were there and their activities throughout the 4 day inferno. We were pretending to be King Charles II, Samuel Pepys, Lord Mayor Thomas Bludworth and the baker, Thomas Farriner. This learning experience helped them with their creative writing on Tuesday where they used adjectives and impressive verbs to describe The Great Fire.


We are investigating materials and their properties in Science. This week we explored the different ways that we can change the shape of materials. Here we are bending, squashing, twisting and stretching. Some things, like wood and metal, didn't change shape at all!

Friday 11th November 2022

Deer Class have been practising balance, agility and coordination in P.E. this week. Having developed balancing skills on different parts of our bodies, we worked with a partner to create collaborative balances.

Subtraction, minus, take away, fewer, difference- These are the mathematical words we have been using this week. The children learned a range of strategies to solve subtraction problems. They counted back on a number line, used Base 10 equipment and practised column subtraction. 

Friday 4th November 2022

We are preparing for Christmas! 

Deer Class have been busy with pencils and felt tips creating their own Christmas cards! These jolly snowmen will be professionally printed and available for you to order in packs soon! 

Friday 21st October 2022

We have had a lively week of learning in Deer Class!

Our final Forest School session had a Halloween theme. The children wove spiders webs around the trees, mixed up potions with acorns and conkers and decorated a haunted house with natural objects. We also made fire! Mrs Finn taught us about the fire triangle. A fire needs fuel, oxygen and heat in order to burn. She closely supervised us as we used a flint to make sparks. The sparks then burnt our cotton wool ball.

In Maths we were adding one digit numbers to two digit numbers. We used our Base 10 equipment to regroup ones and tens.

Look at us making healthy sandwiches in our Science lesson! Having discussed what a balanced diet is with Mrs Taylor, we designed our own sandwiches. We made them and ate them on Wednesday!

Friday 14th October 2022

In our art lesson this week, we moved from collage to sculpture. Using clay, the children rolled, stretched, squashed, pinched and fashioned model snails. We all loved manipulating the clay and strengthening our finger muscles. Our sculptures have all been given names and will be painted next week when they are dry. 

Friday 7th October 2022

On Monday we learned how to use tools in forest school. Mrs Finn demonstrated a palm drill, loppers, secateurs and a conker clamp. We also built a den in the woods! There was lots of discussion about the size and shape of the materials needed. Den building was a topic in our R.E. assembly this week too. We learned about the Jewish celebration of Sukkot. It is their harvest festival and families build a temporary shelter outside to eat their meals and pray together.

Lunchtime Helpers

Deer Class are proudly assisting our lunch staff in the hall each day. All the children work on a rota. They give out trays, fill up water glasses, serve food and help the smaller children with cutlery skills.


Today we discussed some of the uncomfortable emotions we might feel sometimes. Emotions like anger, disappointment, loneliness, fear, nervousness and sadness. We talked about the events that could happen to trigger these emotions like an argument with a friend, visiting a new place, performing on stage or a pet dying. These feelings are normal, but it is helpful to have ways to deal with them. The children thought about how they can make themselves feel better. Ideas included talking to a friend or adult, cuddling our favourite soft toy, taking some exercise and having a cry. We chose the strategies that we thought would work best for us and made a little keyring tool kit.

Friday 30th September 2022

Here's our week in words and pictures!


Forest School- We, the intrepid explorers of Deer Class, went hunting for minibeasts and plants in the woods. Some of us made art from the things we found! We made a tally chart to show how many natural objects we discovered. Mrs Finn helped us to prune the prickly brambles to keep the woods safe.


Following on from our harvest collage work, we learned about Henri Matisse who was the first artist to use paper cut-outs. He created a collage picture called The Snail. We thought this would be a great piece to take inspiration from. Thinking about the snail from our book The Snail and the Whale, we used coloured paper to cut different shapes and arranged them to make a sea snail.

Wednesday 21st September 2022

In English this week, the children are writing sequels to The Snail and the Whale. Today, we planned our new stories in words and pictures. We had to make sure there was a problem and a resolution. Tomorrow we will begin our careers as authors by writing the opening scenes of our stories. Watch this space!



Friday 16th September 2022

We spent some time this week reflecting on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The children had fond memories of celebrating the Queen's 70 years on the throne earlier in the summer. They enjoyed watching the lovely tea party with Her Majesty  and Paddington Bear. After looking at photos of her life from a baby to old age, Deer Class shared their thoughts with each other.

"She was a lovely lady."

"She wore a beautiful crown."

"She was 96 years old."

"She can be with her husband now."

Forest School

We were all so excited to restart our forest school lessons on Monday! We said hello again to Jordy the squirrel and reminded ourselves of the rules we follow to keep everyone safe. We noticed that there had been some changes in the environment since we were last there. The bluebells are not flowering now. This was a sign of the changing of the season as we move into autumn. The children then got to be explorers and hunted around the woods to see what they could find. They sorted their discoveries into natural and man-made objects. (We found Lego and a cup as well as leaves and minibeasts!)

Friday 9th September 2022

 Deer Class have been settling into their new environment with excitement! Here we are using our brand new atlases.

We revised some learning from Year 1, naming the 7 continents of the world. We sang a song about them too!


In Science, the children sorted pictures of animals and their babies. We found that some baby animals look just like their parents (elephants and cats), but others are completely different (caterpillars and butterflies, tadpoles and frogs)