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A Small School with a Big Heart, guiding our children to becoming kind and courageous citizens.

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Welcome to

Jordans School

A Small School with a Big Heart, guiding our children to becoming kind and courageous citizens.

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Y1 OWLS 2022-2023

This Week - 27/1/27

We have continued exploring Chinese New Year, and read the Zodiac Story. We then sequenced and completely retold the story using our own words. The pictures below are a sample our of stories. In Science, we continued looking at animals and we investigated the question "Why penguins don't get wet?". We did this by putting water on a plain paper penguin, a felt tip paper penguin and a wax crayon penguin. We also had a lot of fun in Music. We explored the different instruments and adjusting the volume we played them in time to the beat of a song. 


This Week - 20/1/23

Linking to our topic lesson last week; we planned, drafted and wrote up descriptive sentences about Cherry Blossom Trees. Rather than simply writing "The blossom was pink.", we tried to expand our sentences e.g. "In the park, the tree had pink beautiful blossom.". We are very proud of the excellent writing all of the children produced and the effort they put in!

For our topic lesson, we travelled to China and explored Chinese New Year. We created Dragon Kites using our fine motor skills.

This Week - 13/1/23

This week we have been exploring rhyming poems in English, linking to our Wonderful World topic. To begin with we discussed a poem called Mother Earth's Gifts By Kelly Roper, we talked how it made us feel and the message the poet was trying to tell. We then sorted rhyming couplets into our own poem about the world. In Maths we have began exploring place value and breaking numbers down into tens and ones. We had a lot of fun sorting out different representations and matching them to the numeral. We travelled to Asia for our topic lesson and learnt about the Cherry Blossom Trees in Japan. We then created our own Cherry Blossom painting using straws to blow paint into branches and then finger painting the blossom. We also had our first Computing lesson using the Bee-Bot app!

This Week - 6/1/23

To kick off the half term we started our new topic of Wonderful Worlds by boarding a plane and visiting all of the seven continents. We loved writing in our passports and having them stamped before and after we boarded in the plane. In Maths we have started exploring numbers above 10 and place value. 

This Week - 16/12/22

This week we participated in the school Nativity as the Cool Angles. We performed a Nativity rap dance as the grand opening of the show. We did some amazing moves and singing. In Science, we created Snowman biscuits by decorating marshmallows.


To conclude our Curious Castle topic, of this term, we attended a Medieval Banquet. Before the Banquet, we prepared the food practicing our Food Technology skills of cutting and spreading. The Banquet hall was decorated with the traditional Christmas decorations that we had previously made in Forest School. We then were served Wine (black currant squash), meat, cheese, fruit and vegetables at the Banquet. Some of us got very into character! To end the Banquet we heard some fantastic jokes from a Jester. 

This Week - 9/12/22

This week we have been very busy practicing our Christmas Nativity Rap ready to perform next week. In English we finished looking at the story Knights and Dragons Unite! by rewriting our own versions of the story, changing the dragon characters and the resolution. We wrote some fantastic stories! In Maths we have now finished our unit on Addition and Subtraction within 10 and we have learnt so many new skills to apply to real life situations. Forest School was the highlight of our week as we created traditional Christmas decorations for a Castle using natural materials. We did this by using our team work and rope tying skills. 

This Week - 2/12/22

This week we completed our shields and painted them. In our topic lesson we participated in a war march around the school, with our new helmets and drums being played. We then arrived at the battlefield, in the playground, and pretended to act out the great battle of Jordans School I.XII.MMXXII. In English we have started to explore the story "Knights and Dragons Unite!". We drew some fantastic story maps and acted out freeze frames!

This Week 25/11/22

This week we explored the artist Henri Matisse and created our own versions of his work on Paint using the square and fill tools. It is great to see how far our computing skills and independence have progressed. In Maths we continued to learn about subtraction and started solving problems with our new skills using part whole models and First, Then & Now sentences. For our Curious Castle topic, we looked at Heraldry and designed painted our own shields following the instructions we wrote in English. To practice giving clear instructions, we sat back-to-back and gave our friends instructions to build matching Lego constructions. Today in PSHE we read and discussed the story Harold's Worst Nightmare and discussed how Harold the cat could have been a better friend to the new kitten in his family. 

This Week - 18/11/22

This week we have continued to explore our topic of Curious Castles. We have loved playing with our big castle and acting out epic battles with knights and dragons. We have learnt about the different types of castles throughout history and created a chorological timeline.  We also explored Piet Mondrian's art in Computing and recreated our own art using our new Paint skills. 

This Week - 11/11/22

We had our second Forest School session this week, it was a little wet we still had a fantastic time working in partners to complete different activities. We have been exploring Castle themed poems and will be writing our own Acrostic poems next week. In Math's, we have been learning how to find a part using subtraction. We had fun in Science sorting different objects into categories based on their materials. The highlight of our week was definitely drawing our self-portraits on the laptops which challenging as we were using new Computing skills, but we still had a lot of fun. 

Windor Castle Trip - 10/11/22

We had a brilliant time at Windsor Castle today. This trip was exciting as it links to our Curious Castles topic, so we were able to see and name parts of a castle, that we learnt about. We were very lucky to see the changing of the guards, which was exciting, and we loved the music the band played. We enjoyed our castle workshop learning about how to defend and attack castles and we walked around The State Apartments. It was also very special to see where The Queen was buried in St. George's Chapel. 

This Week - 4/11/22

This week we had our first Forest School session of Year 1. We really enjoyed exploring forest school again, making witches broomsticks, and creating giant spiders. We loved being reunited with Jordy the Squirrel! In Math's we continued to practice addition using part-whole models and number sentences. We also went on a nature walk in Science to see if we could spot any signs of Autumn. 

This Week - 21/10/22

This week we finished our topic of Owlselves and Diwali. To celebrate this, we learnt and performed a Bollywood Dance. The children absolutely loved it! We also created Moon Buggies in Science using straws, cups, paper and marshmallows. 

Bollywood Dance Part 1

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Bollywood Dance Part 2

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This Week - 14/10/22

This week we have continued to explore India and we have begun looking at Diwali. We read the Story of Rama and Sita wrote some brilliant character profiles using adjectives! To start our Diwali celebrations, we created Rangoli Patterns using dried beans and lentils, we got quite messy but created some fantastic artwork! In Maths we have been partitioning numbers using a part-whole model. We also completed a scientific experiment comparing our height and our foot size, we had a lot of fun measuring and drawing round our feet. 

This Week - 7/10/22

This week we have been studying India and learning different facts. We started by creating mind maps, then drafted and wrote up our own fact files, which look amazing! We have also been looking at Ordinal Numbers and the beginning to use a number line. In Geography we created a collage of the natural environment of India, showing the different geography and landscapes of the country. We have also loved exploring in our Investigation Area creating lots of wonderful things using loose parts.

This Week 30/9/22

This week we have been loving creating different things using Junk Modelling. We started by creating a design,  built our models,  painted them and finally drew on extra details. It was great to see the children's design process and creativity. This week we have been practising our sentence writing by planning with mind maps, comparing groups using inequality symbols and we created a timeline in History. 

Harvest Festival 26/9/22

We have created portraits using natural materials that we found around school.

This Week 23/9/22

This week we have been learning about fiction and non-fiction books, one more and one less and the 'oy' saying 'oi' sound. We have also drawn a journey map of our route to school and been practicing our song for the Harvest Festival. The Mud Kitchen has been very busy this week!

Last Week 16/9/22

Last week, we created self-portraits using natural materials. We discussed what materials and shapes we could use as our facial features, we then scavenged and collected the materials we would need in Forest school. We then completed the other half of our photo using the natural materials. We had great fun!

First Week - 9/9/22

Owl Class have had a brilliant first week continuing to explore their new classroom, writing, reading, going on Mini-beast hunts and labelling parts of the Human body. Next week, we will be continuing to practice our writing and counting skills, and making self-portraits out of natural materials. 

First Day - 6/9/22

Owl Class had a brilliant day exploring their new classroom and seeing their friends again!