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A Small School with a Big Heart, guiding our children to become kind and courageous citizens.

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Welcome to

Jordans School

A Small School with a Big Heart, guiding our children to become kind and courageous citizens.

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Y1 OWLS 2023-2024

Week beginning 10th June 2024

This week in Owl Class we have been exploring more and less. We explored this practically and used the symbols <, > and = to show our findings! In Science, we carried out an investigation to see which habitat minibeasts preferred. In English, we have thoroughly enjoyed the story of 'The Lighthouse Keeper's lunch'. We had a visit from the characters; Mr Armitage, Mrs Armitage and Fred the seagull, where they answered the many questions we had. 

Week beginning 3rd June 2024


We had a wonderful week back at school! We went on an adventure to the village green to observe signs of Summer. We started our charming coastlines topic and used Google Maps to identify our nearest seaside towns. In Maths we used dienes to practically partition two digit numbers in to tens and ones . 

Week beginning 20th May 2024


This week was sadly our last week of our Dinosaur Discovery topic! We were fascinated learning about the life of Mary Anning and her contributions to the discovery of dinosaurs. In R.E we looked at the beautiful Yantras you may find in a Hindu Mandir, we then designed our own. In Art, we looked at the work of Dan Mather and Andy Warhol and explored screen printing for ourselves. In Music, we created a rap based on an Allosaurus.

Week beginning 13th May 2024


On Tuesday we celebrated the 80th birthday of Jordan's school building. As well as learning about the history of the school, we also created birthday cards, timeline bookmarks and baked break pudding. Aside from the celebrations, in art we created fossil imprints in salt dough. In Science, we learnt about fossil formation through compressing animal shaped sweets in bread. In Music, we were rap artists and created our own Dino rap about a T-Rex!

Week beginning 6th May 2024


The Owls have had a wonderful week in the sun! We have been continuing our learning on Dinosaurs through exploring fossils; we have observed the patterns and textures of fossils in art and looked at the formation of fossils and why fossils are essential in finding out about the past in our history lesson. 

This week we sadly lost our class Ollie, but thanks to Owl Class's detailed and descriptive lost posters, he was safely returned!

We ended our week discussing why forgiveness is important and how we can forgive ourselves and be kind to ourselves. 

Week beginning 29th April 2024


The Owls have had a very busy week extending their learning about dinosaurs! We have been fascinated finding out about the extinction of dinosaurs. Owl class produced some excellent well written fact files about the extinction of dinosaurs. In Art we used our knowledge of landscapes and work on dinosaur skin to produce detailed drawings of a dinosaur in the Bluebell woods. In Maths, we continued our learning on grouping and took our learning outside to investigate making equal groups. In Music, we have been musicians and created a rhythm in anticipation of composing our own dinosaur raps! 

Week beginning 22nd April 2024


The Owl Class have a wonderful week extending their knowledge on dinosaurs. We became dinosaur experts and created fact files based on a dinosaur of our choice, we were so proud of our fact files that we decided to publish these in to a non- fiction book to do our dinosaur discovery area. In Science, we went on an adventure in to the Bluebell Woods to develop the skills of leaf identification. We then came back to the classroom to challenge ourselves by sorting and classifying the leaves we collected. In Art we have been learning about drawing landscapes, we used this as an opportunity to sketch our beautiful Jordan's school grounds.


Week beginning 15th April 2024


Owls have had a fabulous week of learning.  In anticipation of our own instruction writing in English, we have been studying the text, 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth'.  We had lots of fun washing our class animals and will have first hand knowledge ready for next week's writing.

We also had a scientific adventure in our Bluebell Woods, hunting for signs of spring!


Week Beginning 25th March 2024 


Owl Class have really enjoyed their last week of the Spring term. They explored in Forest School and created Spring inspired natural art. In Maths they continued to explore measure by weighing the ingredients for their Easter crispy cakes and they created Easter cards in Art. All of Owls were outstanding in the Easter Assembly, they all spoke so confidently and clearly and were were extremely proud of all of them! Have a fantastic Easter break Owl Class!

Week Beginning 18th March 2024 


The children have been go for it gorillas with Maths this week! They have loved practically learning about volume and capacity, using water and cubes to measure and compare. They have also been practising writing their numbers and playing lots of number games. The children continued to be amazed but how much their sunflowers continue to grow and applied their maths measures strategies to measure them. 

Week Beginning 11th March 2024 


The children started the week enjoying forest school. In English they have been learning about poetry and wrote some fantastic spring poems in groups - you may get to hear then very soon! In Maths the children are learning about mass and enjoyed using the balancing scales to find the mass of an object in cubes and comparing the mass of two objects. Science Day the children enjoyed exploring colour in all three classrooms - lots of practical fun! The children loved sharing their hard work with you furing the book look - thank you so much for coming. In science they observed and measured their amazing sunflowers! Finally and fantastic bright and funny Red Nose Day - everyone enjoyed sharing jokes! 

Week Beginning 4th March 2024 


The children started this week learning about measures in Maths - they measured length using non-standard units (cubes) and standard units (cm).  On Wednesday we had our amazing class trip to The Discovery Centre. The children loved being inside the Space lab and learning about the stars and planets. They were so brave and strong and climbed 88 steps to the top of the Lookout Tower and enjoyed the amazing view! They also loved all the interactive exhibits, lunch (of course!) and ended with a fantastic play on the huge castle playground. Then we had World Book Day, the children all looked fantastic and enjoyed sharing so many stories throughout the day. They drew and described the character they were dressed as and shared these with the whole school. We were also amazed at how much our sunflowers have grown in just 1 week and are enjoying taking care of them. 

Week Beginning 26th February 


The children have had a fantastic week. They enjoyed making a chair for Goldilocks in Forest School. Th children created a story map of 'The Gingerbread Man' in English and used adjectives to describe the setting and characters. In Computing the children grouped data activities. In Maths the children have been partitioning numbers into tens and ones and calculating one more or one less of a number. In Science the children observed closely different types of seeds and how their sunflowers have grown over a week. The children enjoyed discussing their books in Guided Reading in the Library. 

Week Beginning 19th February


Welcome back after half term - we hope everyone had a great week! Owls enjoyed a very wet Forest School exploring in the Bluebells and learning about plants linking to our Science. We have been reading 'Meerkat Mail' in English, the children have learnt so many facts about meerkats and the Kalahari Desert. We have started a new topic all about Space this week and the children loved learning about how amazing the universe and the planets in our solar system are. In Science the children planted a sunflower seed and we will be observing them grow throughout this half term, we talked about what plants need to grow and the life cycle of a sunflower. 

Week Beginning 5th February  


Another exciting week in Owl Class! The children enjoyed Forest School and in Science were sorting animals by what they eat - carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. They enjoyed reading and sharing 'Katie's Picture Show' in English. The children loved learning about Europe and making crepes from France, they then wrote instructions for how to make them. Maybe they will be making more on Pancake Day next week! Well done to the brave children who stood up in front of the class to share facts about Australia, we loved learning from them! Happy half term!

Week Beginning 29th January 


The children have enjoyed a busy week! The  children are wearing their Masai necklaces made in topic last week when they were learning about Africa. In Forest School they enjoyed exploring and their linking their learning of animals in Science. In English they have enjoyed reading 'A Rumble in the Jungle' and created their own rhyming verse with a partner, then performing it in front of the class. In Maths they have been applying their knowledge of Number Bonds to 10 to help them learn their Number Bonds to 20.  In Computing they have continued to programme Botley. In P.E. they enjoyed playing team games. 

Week Beginning  Monday 22nd January  


In Forest School this week the children linked their learning to science and made animals using natural resources, they then sorted them into their animal categories as a class. The children loved reading 'One Day on Our Blue Planet' and shared the penguin facts they found out, labeled features of a penguin, and wrote a list of what they would take to Antarctica. In Science, the children continued the topic of penguins and carried out an investigation to find out; 'How do penguins stay dry?'.  In Topic they learnt about the continent of Africa and made Masai necklaces. In Maths the children have been furthering their learning by exploring number bonds to 20 and doubles of numbers 1-10. 

Week Beginning 15th January


Another busy, exciting week of growing our brains in Owl Class! The children explored the Bluebells in Forest School. They have loved sharing the book 'Snow Bear' and all wrote fantastic versions of the story with their own ending! In Computing the children continued to programme Botley and direct him around the hall. In Science the children were sorting animals according to their category; mammal, reptile, amphibian, bird or fish. In Maths the children have been exploring the place value of numbers 11-20. In Art the children loved creating cherry blossom trees from Japan. We hope you enjoy the photos of their learning, they should all be proud peacocks of themselves!

Week Beginning 8th Janruary 2024 


The children had a great first full week of 2024!  In Science, they went on a winter walk identifying the signs of winter. The children have loved reading the book 'Snow Bear in Englsh and enjoyed acting out how the characters helped Snow Bear. 

Sorry due to a technical problem lots of the photos won't upload this week we will sort this and have more next week! 

Week Beginning 11th December 



The children have had such a Christmassy week! They enjoyed exploring and making Christmas crafts in Forest School.  They have also baked delicious gingerbread Christmas cookies - I hope they enjoyed eating them as much as they enjoyed baking them! They have also enjoyed being creative chameleons making lots of Christmas crafts, I hope you enjoy decorating your homes with these when they bring them home.

Last but not least they were all absolute superstars in 'The Twinkly Nativity', well done to all of them for being brilliant performers! 












Week Beginning 4.12.2024 


The children really enjoyed watching 'The Wind in The Willows', some of Deer Class were acting superstars! All the children enjoyed joining in the songs and actions. The children also wrote amazing recounts of their visit to Windsor Castle - they worked very hard to order their writing using time adverbials and adding adjectives to make it interesting. 

Week Beginning 27.11.2023  


Wow what a busy week, the children have worked so hard and grown their brains in so many areas of their learning! Forest school on Monday. Tuesday the children acted out 'William's Dream' in history, which tells the story of how William the Conqueror became King following the Battle of Hastings. Wednesday the children carried out a scientific investigation to find out - Which gloves are waterproof? Thursday our fantastic trip to Windsor Castle - hopefully your child can tell you all about their favourite part of the day!


Week Beginning 20.11.2023 


The children have had another busy and exciting week. Starting off with lots of exploring in Forest School, the children made a horse and cart and ran and pizza restaurant! In maths have been learning about different methods of subtraction and solving subtraction word problems. In Science they continued their learning about materials and their properties and loved describing and guessing what objects were hidden in the feely bags - maybe they could describe them to their adults and you could guess what it might be?? 

The children used a paint programme on the Ipads to create art work in the style of Henri Matisse. A busy week of exploring and growing their brains! 

Week beginning 13.11.2023 


The children have had a fantastic week and have worked so hard in all areas of their learning.

They started the week with a great Forest School session with Mrs Finn, they enjoyed going on a word trail and were creative chameleons making a drawbridge. In English, D.T. and History the children have been learning about the healdry of shields and have designed, created and made a shield that represents themselves. They then wrote detailed instructions for how to make a shield - we were proud peacock's of their independent writing. In Science they were exploring materials and their properties - sorting them by criteria like hard/smooth or bumpy/not bumpy. Well done for a fantastic week growing your brains Owls!!!


This week we have finished our Owlselves topic by exploring, a contrasting county, India. We looked at the different geography and landscapes within India, comparing them to the UK. We then created a collage map highlighting the different geography. In English, we have been looking at poetry and rhyming words. We started by matching rhyming words and then sequencing the lines of a poem by matching the rhyming couplets. In Forest School we made Diva Lamps out of salt dough and decorating with leaf pressings. 



In Science we have been learning about Space Week. In groups the children carried out a STEM challenge - to create a space lander that would land on the moon and keep it's astronauts safe. At the end we tested the space landers as a class. Well done to Saphires whose space lander kept the astronauts safe for 2.5m. Congratulations to Rubies for the group who demonstrated the best team work! 


This week we have been studying India and learning different facts. We started by creating mind maps, then drafted and wrote up our own fact files. We have also been exploring whole and parts of numbers and the beginning to use a part whole model. In Music we have been learning and copying different rhythms using body percussion and the chime bars. We have been collecting conkers and using them to create different things in Forest School. 


This week we have been practising our sentence writing by planning with mind maps, comparing groups using inequality symbols and we created a timeline of our growth/birthdays in History. 


On Tuesday we had our Harvest Festival assembly for the parents and members of the community. We performed an Autumn themed Chika Boom and presented the special farmer hats we made. 


This week we have practised our sentence writing about different families. In Computing, we practised our mouse and keyboard skills by typing a short caption and then drawing a picture of ourselves. We also created our farmer hats ready for the Harvest Festival next week. 


This week we have been learning about fiction and non-fiction books. We started by discussing fiction books including their authors, titles, characters, settings and our thoughts. We then explored the different features in non-fiction books and wrote our own labels. In Topic, we drew journey maps of our route to school including the different human and physical features we see along the way. 


We started our Owlselves topic this week. We created self-portraits using natural materials. To begin with we discussed what materials and shapes we could use as our facial features. We then scavenged and collected them in Forest school. In English we started practising our writing skills, including capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in our sentences. We also enjoyed exploring some books in the last bit of the sun!

This Week - 8/9/22

Owl Class have had an amazing first week exploring our new classroom, writing, reading, going on Mini-beast hunts and labelling parts of the Human body. We also had out first Forest School session of the year!