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A Small School with a Big Heart, guiding our children to becoming kind and courageous citizens.

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Welcome to

Jordans School

A Small School with a Big Heart, guiding our children to becoming kind and courageous citizens.

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Y1 OWLS 2021-2022

Wednesday 18th January

In English the children really enjoyed starting to write their version of 'Snow Bear'. They were all persevering parrots and thought hard about adding interesting vocabulary like time adverbials, adjectives and verbs. They continued to consolidate their understanding of adding by making 10 in Maths. In Science we continued our topic about animals and the children sorted animals by what they eat - carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. It was so lovely that so many children enjoyed sharing animal facts they had found out themselves at home - keep them coming!

Tuesday 17th January

In Maths the children were learning to add by making 10, applying their number bond knowledge to solving addition number sentences. In English we continued reading 'Snow Bear', the children retold the story orally, thinking carefully of interesting adjectives to create interest. They thought of so many 'wow' words to describe Little Bear's feelings throughout the story.  In P.E. the children explored dance and with a partner created amazing firework dances using streamers. 

Friday 14th January

We have loved reading The Snow Bear and can't wait to write our own versions next week. The children were keen to share the story at home so please check Google Classroom for the text and storymap we have been using in class.

Yesterday in Topic, we linked our learning to The Snow Bear text. We investigated how animals living in parts of Canada and areas around the Arctic Circle keep warm. Please ask us to tell you what we are doing in the pictures below and what we found out! We will be continuing to travel around Canada, USA and Mexico next week so if anyone has anything to share with the class, please bring in on Thursday. 


Next week's alternative pronunciations: ow, ie, ea, er

Next week's tricky words: water, where, who, again, thought, through, work, mouse

Wednesday 12th January

It's been a busy week so far.  In maths the children have been adding numbers within the range of 20 using the counting on method.  They have used counters, numicon and number lines to show their calculations.  They have learnt to play an addition board game too which has caused a lot of excitement in class!  In English the children have been acting out a story we are reading.  Their acting skills are superb, and their confidence is amazing to see.  Well done Owls!  In P.E we have started the Dance unit.  Yesterday the children used streamers to perform movements to certain dance tracks.  They were all very imaginative and loved expressing themselves to Katy Perry's 'Fireworks' track.  Here are some photos of the week so far...



The children really enjoyed starting a new topic in science all about animals. We talked about our favourite animals and how they are categorized. The children learnt about the characteristics of reptiles, fish, amphibians, mammals and birds and sorted animals according to these characteristics. It would be great if they could continue their learning at home by using the internet (under adult supervision), watching animal programmes or reading animal fact books to find out as much as they can about their favourite animals! 

Friday 7th January

Happy New Year!

Owl Class have returned to school with so much enthusiasm and we are very much looking forward to the term ahead. 

This week in Maths, we have been counting in 2s and 5s and have used our knowledge to solve problems. If you could continue to practise this at home it would really help the children.

This term during our 'Wonderful World' topic we will visit all seven continents! Yesterday, we signed our passports and were invited to board flight OWL2022 to the continent of North America. We enjoyed some inflight entertainment, learning the names and locations of the continents and oceans. We shall be visiting North America for the next two weeks, so if anyone has anything to share linked to North America, please bring it in on Thursday. 

In music, we enjoyed using instruments and our body parts to join in with the beat while listening to a piece of music. We had fun finding different ways to move our bodies and keep the beat at the same time. 


Wednesday 6th January 

Happy New Year! 

Today in science Owl Class were thinking about signs of winter. We looked for signs in the Bluebells such as bare trees, leaves on the floor, no flowers and it feeling cold. We thought about how humans adapt in the winter - wearing warm clothes. Then we thought about how animals adapt in the winter - some hibernate, some migrate and some grow winter coats. We also talked about how the day changes in winter - less daylight and longer nights. When you are out and about see if you can observe any signs of winter. 

Friday 17th December

Yesterday the children were invited to a medieval banquet, hosted by the King! As many of the King's servants and entertainers were poorly they were need to help with the food preparation and entertainment! They had a great time learning about foods eaten during Medieval times and comparing to the foods we eat today. They even had a go at jousting! 


We can't believe we've reached the end of the first term in Year 1, it has flown by! The children have adapted so well to all the new routines and we are so proud of everything they have achieved so far. Every day they show so much enthusiasm and enjoyment towards their learning. Thank you to all the parents for your continued support and for the items you have purchased from the Amazon wish list! We are very much looking forward to the Spring Term and starting our 'Wonderful World' topic where we will be travelling to each continent throughout the term. If there are any children and/or their families who have lived at times in other countries and have photos or anything you can share with us as a class, then please drop us an email to the Owl Class email address. 


Finally, thank you all so much for your generous and thoughtful gifts. They are very much appreciated by the Owl Class team. We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in 2022!

Wednesday 15th December

This week has been amazing so far.  The children made robin decorations during Forest school and explored making and creating their own decorations using the natural resources around them.  They went on to make calendars for 2022 as well as a snow globe and Christmas card.  It was so lovely to hear them all singing Christmas songs whilst they were busy.  The maths and English this week has been a mixture of revisiting some phonic sounds, handwriting practise, counting in twos and fives as well as Christmas maths and English activity book challenges.  At the very last minute the children decided they wanted to learn the words and some actions to the Band Aid song 'Do They Know It's Christmas' I've uploaded a video of some of the children performing on our Google Classroom page.  They learnt this in an hour and a half and have done ever so well.  No doubt they will continue to sing and perform this over the Christmas period as it is played on the radio lots!  Maybe they can teach you?!  Here are some photos of the week so far.



We had such a fun, exciting afternoon observing some Christmas science experiments! We watched Christmas trees 'melt' - the vinegar we dripped on them reacted with the bicarbonate of soda. Then we had an exploding snowman - watch the video! After that we made a snow storm in a jar! The children loved watching, listening and smelling the chemical reactions. Then we shared the story 'The Biggest Snowman Ever' and the children were challenged in teams to make the biggest snowman using only paper and tape. Well done to Peacocks who made the tallest snowman that could stand up on its own! All the children worked so well as a team, great listening and taking turns. Happy Christmas! 


Still image for this video

Wednesday 8th December

This week has been filled with excitement as we approach Christmas.  The children have been practising for their nativity play as well as Forest School which had a Christmas theme.  Following on from last week's Topic lessons, in English the children wrote instructions of how to make a shield.  Mrs. Turkington asked if she could have copies of their instructions so Reception class could follow them, so the children knew their instructions had to be very clear!  In every step they used an adverb of time and an imperative verb.  We gave all of the instructions to Mrs. Turkington and she was very grateful. 


In maths the children have been exploring mass and weight.  They are experts in using balance scales.  They have been estimating, comparing and measuring the mass of different classroom objects.  They have worked in groups and pairs sharing and discussing their thoughts to prove and answer an investigation question.  They were excited to share their maths homework with each other and this helped them to understand the difference between the weight and mass of an object.  Here are some photos of their maths learning...



The children continued learning about the properties of materials. They sorted objects as a class by their properties: soft, transparent, hard, smooth, flexible etc. In groups they then found objects around the classroom that matched a property e.g. rough. They also thought about what material the objects are made of. 

Tuesday 7th December

Yesterday the children had a lovely time in Forest School.  They were busy making tree decorations with the natural resources found in the woods.  They were very excited and showed their creative side throughout!  Here are some photos of the afternoon...


Friday 3rd December

What a busy few days we've had!

In English, we have been identifying the features of instruction texts and in Topic we have followed instructions to make our own shields! We came up with our own individual designs a few week's ago and we think we've done a fantastic job with our finished products! Have a look at the gallery below. 

We have been practising the nativity and can't wait to show it to you next week. We also loved playing in the snow yesterday. What a lovely surprise for the children!


Next week's words: Mr, Mrs, looked, called, asked

Next week we are revisiting the following sounds: aw, ew

Wednesday 1st December

In English we are learning about imperative verbs when giving and listening to instructions.  The children have been practising making up sets of instructions for their partner to follow.  This ranged from playing games to drawing something.  In maths we are comparing and ordering 'teen' numbers, looking at the value of each digit using our knowledge of tens and ones.  We will continue with this throughout year 1.   We had an amazing day out at Chiltern Open Air Museum yesterday.  We were full of busy investigating the ancient buildings, playing with toys from the past, listening to a Christmas story, making Christmas craft as well as a Christmas pudding workshop!  The whole day was fun and we were certainly tired by the end of the day.  Here are some photos of the trip...


This afternoon we carried out an investigation to find out which material would be best for the Queen to wear on her head while walking her corgi's in the rain! The children predicted what they thought might happen then used pipettes to find out whether plastic, kitchen roll or foil would be waterproof. Ask them what they found out!


Your children have brought home the beautiful decorations they made at COAM yesterday. The salt dough wreath they made needs to be baked. Please bake at 120oc for at least an hour or until dried out. When cool varnish with PVA glue. 

Monday 29th November

It was a very chilly day today, but Forest School was amazing.  Thank you Mrs. Finn!  Today the children had a turn planting a new hedgerow, (Dogwood), which will extend our Forest School area to the edge of the playground.  They made some signs to let other children know to be careful when they are next to the newly planted hedge.  Other activities included making a wooden tag, tree rubbing, exploring, finding bugs and making pictures of nature.  Here are some photos of today...


Friday 26th November

We've made it to the end of another week and what a great week it's been! The children have impressed us so much with their writing, retelling the story of 'The Dragon and the Knight'. They remembered to use story language from the book and added in adjectives to make their writing even more interesting. That's all on top of remembering to use finger spaces, capital letters and full stops! They have all made so much progress since the start of Year 1.

In Topic yesterday, we learnt about William the Conqueror and his role in the building of castles. We read the book 'Will's Dream' and acted it out as a class. Have a look at the pictures below! Some children asked to share this book at home so please check google classroom for a copy of this. 


Next week's words: oh, their, people

Next week's sounds: oe, au, ey


Wednesday 24th November

The children have enjoyed continuing to share 'The Knight and the Dragon'. They described the setting using a range of adjective,s thinking about what they might see, hear, smell and feel. Then they used the story map to start writing their version of the story. 

In maths the children have been focusing on place value, they have been using dienes to partition numbers into tens and ones. Then they compared two digit numbers - giving reasoning as to how they know if it is bigger/smaller. 

In science the children have been describing the properties of materials e.g. opaque/transparent, soft/hard and have enjoyed collecting and sorting object according to their properties on a venn diagram. 

Friday 19th November

We've had another great week in Owl class. 

The children have shared their maths shape homework with each other and we explored more about 3D and 2D shapes this week.  We grouped shapes and talked about the difference between 3D and 2D.

In English we are reading The Knight and Dragon.  It's been lovely to hear the children's predictions as to who may have won the fight and why. We've shared our knowledge of knights and dragons, used role play to explore the character's feelings and written sentences to describe what happened at various points in the story. We also helped Mrs Banks grown her brain to draw a story map! Next week we'll be writing sentences to re-tell the story, so make sure you ask us over the weekend to re-tell it to you. They could use the story map below to help. 

We've also learnt about Heraldry and have designed our own shields thinking about which colours, patterns and symbols best represent us. We are looking forward to using our designs to make shields next week!


Next week's words: some, come, were, there

Next week's sounds: i_e, o_e, a_e, u_e, e_e

Friday 12th November

This week has flown by! 

In Maths, we have been consolidating our learning of addition and subtraction.  The children have revisited some concepts to build on their prior knowledge and have been finding addition and subtraction number fact families.  A useful website to practise this  is .

In English, we have been looking at poetry.  We have investigated rhyme and created a word bank of nouns, on the theme of castles. Yesterday we used all the ideas we gathered earlier in the week to create a class acrostic poem about castles. We are very proud poets!

In Topic, we've learnt how castles have changed over time and sequenced pictures of different castles on a timeline.

Yesterday we watched a beautiful CBeebies animation showing war as experienced by animals in the battlefield. As a class we then observed the two minute silence. 

Next week's common exception words: no, so, go

Next week's sounds: aw & au



Wednesday 10th November

We started a new topic in science all about Materials and their properties. Owl Class thought about what material objects might made of and why and sorted them as a class. They then chose objects and recorded what material they were made of. 

Friday 5th November


What a great first week back we've had in Owl Class! We have started our 'Curious about Castles' topic by sharing what we already know and questions we have. We loved playing with the model castles and learning the names and purpose of the main parts. 

The children have created some firework art, used their imagination to create their own games and have completed Mrs. Banks' exercise challenge. It's great to see the children choosing to write independently during continuous provision.

Next week's common exception words: he, me, she, we, be

Next week's sounds: wh & ph

Tuesday 2nd November

It's been a great start to the half term.  Yesterday we visited Windsor Castle and we had an amazing day out.  We are very proud of all of the children as they followed every instruction and behaved impeccably!  The staff at the castle commented that they were the most well behaved group of children they had seen in a very long time, and were so neat and tidy eating their snack and lunch.  We packed in a lot during our day and saw some spectacular sights, including St. George's Chapel, The State Apartments and as a special treat we were granted access to Queen Marys Dolls House which is currently closed to the general public!!  Here are a few photos of our day...  


We were so lucky to have some very special visitors this afternoon. Albert's Mum kindly brought in two sixteen week old chickens for the class to learn about. The children learnt how Albert and his family take care of them, what they like to eat and when they lay eggs! Thank you so much to Albert's Mum for sharing them with us. The children even named them - Corny and Kitty!

Then we went on a autumn walk around the school looking for signs of autumn, the children spotted mushrooms, fallen leaves and acorns. The next time you're out and about keep your eyes peeled for all the signs of autumn you can spot! 

Friday 22nd October 

We've had another fantastic week in Owl Class! The children have shown so much enthusiasm during our Space topic over the past three weeks. It's been lovely to hear of them extending their learning at home and sharing this with their peers. Hopefully your children have already told you they have passed their astronaut training and the ESA will keep them in mind for the future! The training tasks included: researching planets & creating a fact book, carrying out a scientific investigation, exploring what it would be like to go into Space including tasting space food, attempting to write upside down and moon walking on giant sponges! We also had to complete a fitness test, design and make moon buggies, design a rocket using 2D shapes and write about a recent mission.  Sounds exhausting doesn't it! We've had lots of fun and learnt so much in the process!

Finally we would like to say how proud we are of all the children in Owl Class. They have settled into the new routines so well, shown kindness and courage and grown their brains every day! Thank you for your support this half term. We are very much looking forward to seeing the children back in school next half term for our 'Curious about Castles' topic! Have a good break. 

Next week's common exception words: you, your, they

Next week's sounds: ew & ue


Wednesday 20th October

The final week before half term has been another busy one.  The children have really been experiencing life as an astronaut, doing some space walking, space writing, tasting space food as well as fitness tests!!  They are really excited about completing all of their training tasks by the end of this week.  In maths we have been exploring number bonds and there are some resources uploaded to the website as well as Google Classroom on this topic.  The classroom stream has been used to communicate a lot of the detail of the week so I will show you the week so far in pictures... 


The children had a very important training task from the ESA. They had to investigate if taller astronauts would need bigger space boots. All the children predicted whether they thought this statement was true or not and then we investigated as class. We measured everyone's height and foot size and plotted each child on a scatter graph. We found out most taller children had larger feet but some had medium or small feet. We concluded that it would best if they measured each individual astronaut's height and foot size as we are all different. 

Friday 15th October 

As you have probably already heard, Owl class had some great news on Monday morning...our applications to train to be future astronauts were successful and all of us were invited to commence astronaut training straightaway! Today we completed task 3: To complete a maths shape rocket. We're looking forward to next week's tasks already!  

Next week's common exception words: were, was, is

Next week's sounds: ew & u_e

Wednesday 13th October

This week the children have begun their applications to become an astronaut.  They are very excited and can't wait to complete all of their tasks.  They have been researching a planet and finding out some interesting facts, and have produced a planet fact book.  We are very proud of their writing!  In maths we have been partitioning numbers into 'parts' and working out what numbers can be added to make the 'whole'.  The children have also been exploring number families, looking at how numbers relate to each other.  The children have been making some Harvest craft and also built a camp in our outside area, complete with a campfire and toasted marshmallows!! The children enjoyed yoga this week as it was spaced themed  and they could practise being an astronaut!!  Here are some pictures of the week so far...


In science we continued our astronaut training and investigated how to make a space lander! In groups the children designed and made a shock absorbing space lander that would land an astronaut on the moon safely. Then we tested our space landers as a class, it was very exciting and we counted down just like they do at a rocket launch! 10, 9, 8, 7.... Did your astronaut land safely? 


Friday 8th October

It's been an exceptionally busy week in Owl Class.  The children have been concentrating so hard and have grown their brains in lots of different areas! We have really noticed how their independence getting changed for PE has improved. Please keep encouraging them to get themselves changed at home as this really does help them at school. 

Yesterday we came across an advert from the European Space Agency, who are looking to recruit future astronauts. Having read the qualities which are needed to be an astronaut, we decided to apply! We're hoping to hear back from the ESA soon to see if we have been successful with our applications! Finger crossed! Overnight, a space station appeared in the classroom, which the children were amazed to see this morning. They enjoyed taking on different roles and impressed us with taking turns to use the different resources. 

We will be continuing with the topic of Space for the next two weeks. If the children have a book or item related to the topic they may bring this in to show the class. The children have said they are keen to build rockets and space stations at home! If they do, please take a photo and email it our class email so we can share it with the children. We love to see them extending their learning at home. 


Next week's common exception words: his, has, I

Next week's sounds: oe & o_e

Wednesday 6th October

This week we have started to explore the topic of space.  The children made some fabulous predictions about the text we are reading, 'The Darkest Dark'.  They described what the main character, Chris, was dreaming about.  Their ideas were utterly amazing, including having a picnic with aliens, building a playground, zooming off to other planets and making friends with aliens.  We will be continuing with this book for a little while longer.  In maths we have been exploring a number line, applying our knowledge of greatest and smallest, learning about ordinal numbers as well as discussing and identifying which numbers are odd and even, and why they are odd or even.  Over the course of the week we built a display together which the children will refer to throughout their learning.  We have been practising some yoga moves during our P.E lessons.  It has revealed that balance is a key area that some of the children find tricky.  They have enjoyed the calmness and it gives them some time to themselves to gather their thoughts and refocus.  During exploring time the children have particularly enjoyed the challenge of some puzzles, and the digging area has been a favourite too!  Here are some pictures of the week so far...



We continued to explore our senses, this week focusing on our sense of hearing. The children heard some loud and soft sounds in class and tried to guess what was making that sound. They then went on a sound walk around the school, listening carefully to all the different noises they could hear. 

Friday 1st October

Another week has flown by!

Today we have enjoyed playing our own board game using our 'Would you rather...' questions from earlier in the week. 

In our Topic lesson yesterday, we looked at different types of maps and discussed their features. We used Google maps to locate where we live and thought about the different routes we take to school. The children extended their learning by creating their own maps which they loved so much we continued the activity again today!

As you can see from the photos below Owl Class have had lots of fun learning this week!


Next week's common exception words: said, says, are

Next week's sounds: ie & i_e

Wednesday 29th September

Another busy start to the week.  We have a couple of new resources for our outside area.  These include a couple of cable wheels made into little villages where the children can explore using cars as well as some tubes they are using to make bridges, and problem solve with.  They have had great fun working as a team, sharing and discussing their ideas.  In maths we have been learning about equality and inequality symbols, and how to use them to make a statement about greater than or fewer than.  There is a vocabulary resource under the Resources Icon on our page which may help to open up discussion at home.  In English the children have loved the text "Would you rather...?"  They have been creating their own choices for the book, and we've had so much fun discussing some weird and wonderful examples.  They will be continuing with this as an inspiration for their writing.  In R.E this week we explored Raksha Bandhan.  The children were really interested in the celebration, and enjoyed making a Rakhi bracelet.  Here are some photos of the week so far...


In science we were exploring our sense of sight. Which body part do you use for your sense of sight? We used our sense of sight to see which object was missing from a tray of 10 objects. Then in pairs we observed ourselves and a friends face using our sense of sight and discussed the similarities and differences. 

Friday 24th September

Another busy few days! It was lovely to see so many of you at yesterday's book look. 

In Maths we have been counting forwards and backwards from a given number within 20 and have been identifying 1 more than and 1 less than numbers within 10. If you could continue practising this at home, it would really help to consolidate the learning.

In English we've been looking at the structure of simple sentences and have written our own captions using capitals, finger spaces and full stops!

We've also enjoyed exploring the work of Pablo Picasso and creating our own masterpieces in a similar style. 

Recently we have assessed the children's Phase 3 phonic knowledge. Some children will have brought home a list of sounds for which they are not yet secure. Please look out for these in their reading records or bags. If you could practise these at home, we would be really grateful. We will be revising these in class as well as moving onto Phase 5 phonics. 


Next week's common exception words: to, today, of

Next week's sounds: ea & e_e

Wednesday 22nd September

The children have loved exploring in the outdoor area this week.  We had some giant leaves they were fascinated with and used them very creatively in the outdoor kitchen.  We now have a cosy reading area in the classroom which is very popular, and there's always someone in there enjoying a book or two.  The children have been learning about captions in English and have suggested various different captions for pictures.  We are continuing with place value in maths and have been exploring one more and one less, discussing our answers and solving some problems.  The children have been spelling number names and we have been discussing how number eight is very tricky to remember!  We decided that we would try and remember it by saying the mnemonic  "elephants in gardens have trunks".  The children found it a challenge to write from under the table but it's a great activity to strengthen pencil grip and stamina for writing.  Here are a few photos of the week so far.


Friday 17th September

We've had such a lovely end to the week in Owl Class. We loved getting outside for our Topic lesson yesterday where we used natural resources to create self portraits! Have a look a the pictures below. We had fun learning about and exploring pitch in Music. Today we enjoyed our PE lesson with coach Piercy and demonstrated some great listening skills and growth mindset. We also worked on our fine motor skills cutting and tearing to create some seriously cute owls. We've also managed to squeeze in some English and Maths activities too! The children are definitely ready for the weekend.

Next week we are starting with Phase 5 phonics and the Year 1 common exception words. Each week the following week's words will be put on here so you know what we are focussing on in Phonics each day. We will provide further information regarding phonics next week.


Next week's common exception words: a, the, do.

Next week's sounds: ay & a_e

Wednesday 15th September

Another busy week in Owl class.  The children know their morning routine very well and are changing their reading book first thing without much support.  We are very proud of them.  We have been continuing with our learning of place value in maths, and discussing the purpose of a label.  The children have written a label for an object in class and used their phonic knowledge to do this.  They are being sensible during exploring time and are choosing a variety of activities to engage in.  They are also mastering the art of tidying up, even if they haven't played with certain objects they are willing to help tidy the whole class.  Huge well done.  Here are a few photos of this week so far...


Friday 9th September

What a great first week it has been in Owl Class! It has been lovely getting to know the children and we are extremely proud of how they have settled back into school life. We've painted self portraits, thinking about the shape and position of our features and have written about some of the amazing things we can do, inspired by the book 'Barry the Fish with Fingers'. The children have enjoyed playing and learning with their friends during exploring time and have adapted to new routines well.

We are very much looking forward to the year ahead! 

Tuesday 7th September

It's been a hot start to the new academic year!  The children have loved exploring and learning outside in the sunshine, and today was our first 'Picnic Lunch'.  They made their own sandwich and ate it outside in the shade, chatting to their friends.  It was lovely to watch them feeling very proud of themselves, telling each other what sandwich they had made!  We have started to revisit some place value maths skills, and will continue with this over the next couple of weeks.  The children have written about their summer holiday, and loved talking about what they enjoyed the most.  They have had a busy start, but such a fun one too!  Here are some pictures of the last couple of days...