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A Small School with a Big Heart, guiding our children to become kind and courageous citizens.

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Welcome to

Jordans School

A Small School with a Big Heart, guiding our children to become kind and courageous citizens.

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YR FOXES 2020-2021

Summer 2

Week 6


What a fantastic end to the term! 

We had a wonderful time at our Fox Festival. We danced, sang, enjoyed squelching in the mud, ate lollies, lucky dip, fete games, relaxed in the chill out zone and had an amazing day.

Summer 2

Week 5


Lots of great team work and cooperation this week, building big structures together. We are busy planning our fox festival, and enjoyed our Forest School Session. We all found a leaf, match it to a tree and sorted them to make a compass pattern, listened to sounds in the woods, and then had some time to explore. The children made stick men, leaf kebabs, tree bark rubbings and found insects.

Summer 2

Week 4


Another exciting week in Fox Class! We carried on with problem solving in Maths, looking at how many legs can come to the party! For example if 16 legs were allowed, that could be a cat, a dog, a goat, a boy and a girl. Who could come in Mr Gumpy's boat if only 15 legs were allowed? We used 10s frames to show our working out, as well as drawing the animals too.

We also build bridges, measured them using non-standard units, for example Duplo bricks and then tested which bridge was the strongest.


In Literacy we made pirate maps, and thought of lots of different types of sea creatures to include on them, looking at the varied vocabulary that we could use.


We also really enjoyed our first Forest School session, looking for bumpy materials, different types of leaves and learning how to keep safe whilst exploring the woods.


Summer 2

Week 3


This week we have continued our writing about pirates, thinking about what we could see through our imaginary telescopes. 

We have also thought about odd and even numbers in Maths, finding out that even number can be shared fairly between two, whereas odd numbers can't. 

As well as our STEM day, making marble runs, we had a wonderful day of sport. We learnt about different athletes, and their qualities of hard work, determination, resilience and perseverance. We really took this on board, and had a great full morning of races and being active.

In the afternoon, we then had a special message recorded from the help of a parent, from Martine Wright, who is part of the British paralympics sitting volleyball team. After being so inspired, we took part in our own paralympics, playing sitting volleyball, hopping races, having a go on a wheeled body board and playing a listening game blindfolded.

What an action packed week!

Summer 2 


Week 2


We have had fun in lots of different weathers this week, from record high temperatures to heavy rain. The sun meant the water play was very popular and we used our problem solving, negotiation skills and team work to create guttering systems without loosing any water. 


We also continued our What's that Commotion in the Ocean work, by reading Pirates at the Supermarket, planning and then writing our own pirate supermarket stories. 


We enjoyed reading the Rainbow Fish together, taking about showing kindness, and strengthening our fingers by tearing paper carefully to make scales. We also used our fingers to paint dots of scales on fish too.


Fox Class, I am so proud of you for all of your fantastic Maths this week! We have been looking at sharing, and started off by sharing gems between two teddies. What makes it fair? If they all have the same! What then happens if we share between three teddies? Four teddies? If the number of teddies gets bigger, the number of gems that they get is less. But if we increase the number of gems, then they all get more when we share.

We also predicted our answers. If we have 3 flower pots, and 12 gems how many do you think will go in each pot? We then checked our answers by sharing out the gems fairly.

These are great examples of Maths Mastery and how we go wide and deep with our learning at Jordans. All of the foundations that we have laid this year are paying off, as the children now answer these higher order thinking problems. 

Well done Fox Class  for a super week.


Summer 2

Week 1

What a fantastic first week back!

We have been looking at doubling this week in Maths, playing lots of domino games, butterfly painting, doubling the dots on each side and spotting doubles.

We have used our Commotion in the Ocean topic to start to look at pirates and used a story mountain to plan and then write our own stories. The children planned the characters, setting, the unfortunate event, the happy turn and then the ending. They were so creative and enjoyed writing these stories so much. 

We also looked at The Caribbean Islands and were inspired to paint our own bright sunset pictures. I hope you like them.

We have also enjoyed working so well together, negotiating taking turns and problem solving, trying not to loose any water from our home made guttering systems!

Summer 1



Week 6


What a fantastic week! We have continued our work on Supertato in Literacy, writing about how we will trap the pea and save the vegetables! Freezing him and making him fall into jelly were popular choices, as well as asking him to be kind.


In Maths, we have been working a lot on tessellation and problem solving, working out how to make a blanket made out of shapes longer or shorter, as well as fitting two right angles triangles together to make different 3 and 4 sides shapes. 


We have also being taught how to count in Spanish and Russian by two of our class mates, as well as reading George Saves the World, and talking about the 4 Rs, reuse, repair, reduce and recycle. 


We finished the week with a great hockey lesson from Get Active, a well as making our own shields and super heros!

Week 4 and 5

In Maths, we have enjoyed using Mr Gumpy's Outing to help us with visual representations and explaining our answers, as well as playing lots of adding and taking away games with 10s frames. We also drew maps of the story.


We have read Supertato this week in Literacy and have written descriptions of him and what he did. We talked about the people who help us, and the jobs that they do, painted pictures and discussed what we might like to be when we grow up and why!


We finished the week with a fitness session with Coach Sam from Get Active. Mrs Turkington and Mrs Marshall joined in too!