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A Small School with a Big Heart, guiding our children to become kind and courageous citizens.

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Welcome to

Jordans School

A Small School with a Big Heart, guiding our children to become kind and courageous citizens.

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Y2 DEERS 2020-2021

Lovely last day of term!

Goodbye and good luck lovely Deer class!  You have been amazing and we are going to miss you all so much!  Please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.


Thank you Deer class for a wonderful last day of term.  The children all had such a fun time together and it was a very happy, sunny and special day for us all.  Thank you so much to all of you for your very kind words and generous gifts.  We are feeling truly spoilt and hugely grateful.

Thursday 15th July- Pizza making fun!

Friday 9th July

We all enjoyed a lovely sunny sports day today!  We were so proud of the children's efforts and their great team spirit as they cheered their class mates on.  It was lovely to see so many happy, smiling faces as they took part.  In the afternoon, we learned about the Paralympic games.  The children were very interested in the topic and asked some really thoughtful questions.  After watching a game of sitting volleyball on the big screen, the class were keen to have a go themselves outside.  It was pretty tricky but they did brilliantly and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Tuesday 6th July 2021


We had a super Maths investigation day yesterday. The children learnt all about mass and we spent the day weighing and comparing different objects. Lots of learning took place and the children enjoyed deciding if the object should be weighed in kilograms or grams. I think they will all be excellent at following a recipe now as they were all brilliant at reading scales!

Thursday 1st July

 We were all a little disappointed this morning when our trip was cancelled- the children were especially looking forward to a ride on the coach!  However, we didn't let it dampen our spirits and we ended up having a really lovely, fun day at school instead!  We walked to the green to have our picnic and the children then spotted the running track and organised their own races!  Whilst they still had a little energy left, they performed their country dance and enjoyed having lots of extra space on the green to perform their moves!  

Wednesday 30th June 2021


This week the children have a busy week preparing for their leavers assembly but we did manage to squeeze in some football fun too. The children sang the "God save the Queen"  just like the English team do and they made flags that they took home to wave whilst watching the match. Everyone was very excited!


Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths


The children worked together to research, plan, create, test, modify and evaluate their own marble runs.

Thursday 24th June


The children really enjoyed making their own basket of fruit and vegetables out of clay and they look beautiful in our classroom.  They will be making their way home to you soon but we couldn't wait to share them with you!

Wednesday 23rd June 2021


After a really hot sunny week last week, this weeks Forest school was wet, wet wet! This didn't dampen our spirits though and the class  still had a great time. They made their  own small creatures out of things they found in the woods and some of the children even made whole families. They then went onto to make small habitats for them to live in, thinking carefully about what materials would keep them dry. The children also had great fun creating different types of food out of mud! We hope you enjoy seeing our wet muddy pictures.

Friday 18th June

Another week has flown by as we have busily begun preparing for our leavers' assembly video!  The children have been enjoying reminiscing about their time at Jordans and remembering their favourite bits from each class.  They have produced some fantastic writing so far which they will finish off, edit and practise reading aloud next week ready for filming.  We are sure that you are going to be very impressed when you hear what they have written!  In maths, we have been focusing on learning to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes.  The children have worked so hard on this skill and have all made great progress already.  Please could you help your child to reinforce their learning by practising at home with them, starting with o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to and if they are confident with this, moving onto the nearest 5 minutes.  Many thanks!

Friday 28th May

We were so pleased that some of our butterflies emerged before the half term break and that we were able to release them to enjoy the lovely sunny weather that is forecast!  Some of the children were a little sad to say goodbye to them at first but once we saw them fly, everybody had a big smile on their face- it was a very special moment!  We hope you all have a wonderful half term break and make the most of the sunshine that is finally on its way! 

Thursday 20th May


There was great excitement on Monday as the children had their very first Forest school lesson. They built dens, made wooden name tags and explored the woods looking for bugs. They also came up with their very own forest school rules to keep them safe whilst enjoying learning outside. They all had a fantastic time and even the weather was kind to us! We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of them.

Thursday 13th May


In art we have been looking the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.  The children were amazed at how he created portraits from objects such as fruit and vegetables!  They were inspired to have a go themselves and were really proud of their creations.

We also braved the elements to do some more planting!  At least with all this rain our seeds should grow well!

Tuesday 11th May


For the last few weeks in RE we have been learning about different places of worship. This week we have learnt about the Buddhist temple and that it represents the five elements of water, wisdom, fire, wind and earth. The children then worked together and designed their own temple. We think they are beautiful!

Friday 7th May


Our caterpillars look as though they are getting ready to go into their chrysalis now and we are excited to check on them after the weekend!  We found out that they will be 'painted lady' butterflies and learnt all about what they would need in a habitat to survive and stay healthy.  We also did a 'predator hunt' in the playground and discovered that there are lots of animals who would like to eat them and their babies!  Some of the children applied their previous science learning to create food chains. The children then used what they had found out to design a meadow habitat which would be perfect for our butterflies when they emerge.  We also started work on our 'vegetable patch'; fingers crossed we have seen the last of the frosts for this year now!

Wednesday 5th May 2021


We have been continuing learning about fractions this week in Maths. Today, we learnt that 2 quarters is the same as 1 half. The children folded paper in halves and quarters to make sure their theories were correct. They also used cubes to divide larger numbers into quarters and investigate their ideas.


In English, the class came up with some great ideas about what makes a good piece of writing and they have each set themselves a challenge to include in their writing tomorrow. We are looking forward to reading their pieces of writing.


Finally, we have been keeping a close eye on the caterpillars in class and there has been lots of excitement watching them grow. I wonder how big they will be by the end of the week? 

Friday 30th April


In handwriting this week, the children were very excited to receive their very own pot of plasticine which we will use during handwriting sessions to help strengthen their hand muscles.  The children loved trying to make 3D shapes using it which was also great maths revision!  We are using our super handwriting skills to write out a poem linked to our science topic all about animals.  Next time, we will have a go at transferring our skills to writing on lined paper and presenting our poems for display.  In maths we have continued our work on fractions and the children have been developing their understanding of halves, thirds and quarters.  Any practise at home of splitting objects into equal groups to find these fractions would be very helpful!  Many thanks and we hope you all enjoy the extra long weekend.

Wednesday 28th April 2021


In English, our text this term is The Dragonsitter. The children are enjoying learning all about the mishaps of the dragon. Today they worked in groups to create a scene that could be in the book. They were imagining what it would be like if Eddie came to Jordans school with his dragon. There was lots of laughter as they performed their ideas to the whole class.

Friday 23rd April


We started our work on animals in science by thinking about animals and their babies.  Some of the children brought in their baby photos and loved sharing them with the class.  If your child would also like to show us what they looked like as a baby, then please send their photos in next Thursday (29th April); we would love to see them! The children loved finding pictures of animals around the classroom and matching them up with their babies.  Everyone was very surprised by what a baby ladybird looks like!  We were also excited to welcome our own baby caterpillars to the classroom and are looking forward to watching them grow and change into butterflies.  Linking with our 'Stay Healthy' topic, the children did some amazing pictures of vegetables in art.  They enjoyed exploring lots of different media when adding colour to their drawings.  We will use their beautiful pictures to decorate our Deer class 'vegetable patch' which will be coming soon!

Wednesday 21st April 2021

This afternoon we did some reading outside in the playground, the children really enjoyed relaxing on the climbing frame as they read!

Thursday 1st April


We have had a lovely last day of term.  The sports coaches came in today since we are missing our normal Friday slot this week, and the children loved playing mini games of football!  We also planted lots of vegetable seeds which we hope to see growing when we return after the holidays. Can we take this opportunity to thank you once again for all your ongoing support and also for our lovely Easter eggs; they were very gratefully received!  We hope you all have a lovely break and we look forward to seeing you all soon for a fun packed Summer term.

Wednesday 31st March

Its been such glorious weather this week we have spent lots of time outside having fun in the woods. The children have been playing really imaginative games as well as enjoying the sunshine. We hope you enjoy seeing the pictures of them having fun whilst learning.

Friday 26th March

It's been another busy week in Deer class!  This week the children started making a poster to persuade people to visit London.  They have done a great job so far and we were so impressed by their wonderful writing.  We look forward to sharing their finished posters with you next week.  In our grammar lesson, we focused on apostrophes for possession e.g 'the boy's bag'.  Perhaps your child could see if they can spot any in their reading books this weekend. They also made some gorgeous Easter cards which they are very excited to bring home and show you soon!  We won't share any photos of them here as we don't want to spoil the surprise!  

Friday 19th March


The last two weeks really have flown by and the children have settled back into school life so well it's hard to believe they spent so much time away from us!  Lots of the children have loved working together to build a den in the wooded area and were so proud of what they created! In science, we learnt about which plants grow from seeds and which grow from bulbs.  We planted some seeds and a bulb in the classroom so that we can observe and compare how they grow.  We continued with the plant theme in our art lesson, where the children produced some beautiful observational drawings of a daffodil.  We first asked them to draw a daffodil without having one to look at.  Then we spent some time looking very closely at them and noticing the shapes and colours we could see.  They then drew another picture, looking very carefully at the flower they had been given.  We are sure you will agree that the results are stunning! 

Wednesday  17th March 2021
We are continuing our topic learning all about London and this week in English the children have been writing some poems inspired by Big Ben and The London Eye. I hope you enjoy reading them as we think they are brilliant!

Thursday 17th December


We had a very busy but fun last day of term in Deer class designing wrapping paper, making a Christmas gift box from a net and finishing off our Christmas decorations!  And we somehow had time to fit in watching 'The Snowman and the Snowdog' whilst enjoying the snowman marshmallow creations we had made!  We have had a wonderful first term with the class and are already looking forward to the next term of exciting learning ahead with them.  Until then though we would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and say a huge thank you for all your generous gifts both to us and to the class via the amazon wish list.  They are very much appreciated.

Wednesday 16th December 2020
We have had a super week in Deer Class. The children had a PE lesson on Monday playing lots of festive games and they all had a wonderful time. They have also made lots of Christmas craft, they put such a lot of effort into their decorations and Christmas cards. We are very proud of them. Today, we made and decorated cupcakes and they all sang their hearts out for the recording of the Christmas video for the parents. We finished the day with a party with a bubble machine and disco lights! We are all exhausted! Happy Christmas!