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A Small School with a Big Heart, guiding our children to become kind and courageous citizens.

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Welcome to

Jordans School

A Small School with a Big Heart, guiding our children to become kind and courageous citizens.

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2018 - 2019 Deer- Year 2

Welcome to Deer Class- Year 2!



We're Back!

Well didn't the Summer go quickly?!

We are delighted to be back at school and to have a brand new set of Deer to share our days with.  The children have settled happily into Year 2 life and have already impressed us in so many ways.  We've already achieved so much and have lots more exciting things to learn and do this half term. The topic web for our topic 'Let There Be Light' has been uploaded.

Let There Be Light topic web and Year 2 general information.

Friday 19th July- Decades Day!


We had so much fun celebrating our school's 75th birthday today dressed in our outfits from different decades.  The children all looked fantastic and we really enjoyed finding out about which clothes were fashionable in each decade.  


We were very honoured to be invited by our wonderful neighbours Norma and John to their beautiful gardens. We were treated to a tour and could not believe the number of trees, flowers, fruit and vegetables we saw there. To top it off, Norma baked us an amazing array of cakes and John handed out ice-creams. We behaved brilliantly; we asked lots of really interesting questions and sketched our favourite parts of the garden. Thank you so much Norma and John for this wonderful experience.

11th July 2019

We have had a lovely week! We have been practising our songs for the Leavers Assembly, and are excited to be singing them next week.  We have been having a go at a series of Maths investigations this week, including making a table and set of chairs out of blocks. It's harder than it looks! In English we are taking inspiration from the brilliant 'Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Book?' to create our own stories about a character who falls into a book. 

Today we had a little bit of spare time, so took the opportunity to find out a bit more about cricket and get behind our team in the men's World Cup semi-final.  We had the live feed on the board whilst we made England flags and during that time we took Australia's 3 wickets!!

Friday 5th July


Today we linked our science and D.T work by designing moving pictures about an endangered animal that we had researched last week.  Our challenge was to make a moving picture to teach people about the threats our animal faces.  We look forward to showing you our ideas at the book look next Friday morning.


Friday 5th July


We were very proud of Leo today!  He used his new skills to tie his own shoelaces for a double knot!  Well done Leo!

Friday 28th June


Today we practised tying shoelaces!  We were so impressed with the children's efforts and how they persevered even if they found it a bit tricky.  After lots of practice, everyone felt that they had got better at tying shoelaces and we had some very proud and happy faces at the end!  Many of the children said that they wanted to have another go this weekend so please do encourage them to show you what they learnt.  


We showed the children the 'traditional' method of tying shoelaces but we also shared another method with them which lots of them preferred.  Follow the link below to find out what it was! 


27th June 2019


What a busy week! We have been doing some great work, thinking about our topic The Future's Bright.  We have been chatting about the fact that there is No Planet B and that, as Peter Rabbit so wisely said, we haven't inherited the Earth, we are only borrowing it from our children, so we have to look after it.  We have been finding out what's going wrong and deciding what we need to do.  There is a brilliant website called British Council which gives us lots of interesting information and also has a great game (How Green Are You?) which helps us to understand what important changes we can make now.   Lots of the children say they are already starting to make life long changes which is fantastic!


Today we had a Maths games session. We took turns to play some of the games we have in class and on the i-pad AND even had the chance to start making up our own games!


Yesterday we all demonstrated great sportsmanship at Sports Day! The whole school joined in brilliantly and showed fantastic spirit. GO JORDANS!




Tuesday 11th June 2019


We had a great day on our trip to Shortenills Environmental Centre today.  We started the day by investigating the difference between wants and needs, and learnt that the planet just does not have enough resources to keep providing us with the things we 'want'. In fact, if the whole of the planet lived the way that Britain did, we would need 7 planets just to produce enough resources.  We then found out that lots of the things we are doing on Earth are covering it in extra layers of warmth, which is really not good for it at all. The staff at Shortenills then showed us some items that they had buried under a mat as an experiment 11 years ago.  We were all very shocked to see how so many items, like drinks cans, crisp packets and plastic bottles hard hardly changed at all, which shocked us when we thought of all the rubbish that gets put into landfills every day.  After this we went to look at ways we can help. Did you know......? If you buy 20 small bottles of juice, it creates 20 lots of rubbish and costs over £5.  But if you buy one large bottle of concentrate and dillute it, you still get 20 drinks, but only have one piece of rubbish and also save lots of money!  We also looked at ways that we can re-use containers etc and at the different things recycled goods have been been made into, including coasters from drinks cartons, water containers from tyres and even toys!  We followed this by making our very own composts, which we have brought back to school. We are looking forward to seeing how they become soil.  After lunch we explored the grounds of Shortenills, looking for lots of different leaves, colours and bugs. We were great nature detectives!

When we got back to school we had a well earned play, before discussing our favourite parts of a great day out!  We plan to educate as many people as possible about what we learnt today and tell them about small ways that we can try to help save our amazing planet.


Thursday 6th June 2019 - Land Art! Today we learnt about Land Art - creating ephemeral sculptures out of natural resources. We had so much fun going out into our wonderful woods and using the materials to create some Land Art Sculptures of our own.

6th June 2019

We have had a super start to our final term at Jordans!  We are writing our very own Fantasy Stories based on an image of a mysterious woodland creature. Our ideas and descriptive vocabulary suggest we have many budding authors amongst us!  We are working really hard in maths, recapping all of the things we have been learning throughout the year and carrying out new investigations.  We have thrown ourselves wholeheartedly into County Dancing and can't wait to give you a sneak preview at Jordans Village Fair this Saturday at 2:30.  You may even get the chance to join in too...

Friday 17th May


Today our healthy focus was exercise.  We linked this with our maths work, by estimating, measuring and ordering lengths of a jump.  After learning how to perform a standing long jump, we made our own metre sticks and then used these to measure how far we could jump.  Most of the children could jump much further than they estimated and were very proud of themselves.  Finally, we found out about the World record for the standing long jump, which is 3 m 73 cm!  We used our metre sticks to measure this distance out and couldn't believe how far it was! 

Friday 10th May

In science we have been learning all about keeping healthy.


After learning about how to eat healthily,  we made our own healthy snacks and had a great time enjoying them with our friends!  Lots of the children said that it was the first time that they had made a plate of food all on their own and they felt very proud of themselves!


We have also learnt about being hygienic so we put what we had learnt into practice by washing our hands thoroughly before we handled the food!


We also made our own 'Eatwell Guide' to display in the classroom.  It shows us how much of each food type we should eat during the day.


We finished off our healthy morning with a football session which we all really enjoyed!


Friday 5th April


In science, we have been learning about how it is possible to change the shape of some materials by bending, twisting, stretching and squashing.  We discovered that pipe cleaners are great for making models out of as it is easy to change their shape and when you let go, they hold their new shape!  We linked this learning with our work on London landmarks to create some fantastic 3D models including The London Eye, Big Ben, The Shard and Tower Bridge out of pipe cleaners, straws and paper.  The children worked with such creativity and displayed excellent co-operation skills.  They were all very proud of what they created!  

We had so much fun celebrating Traditional Tales today! We pretended to be our character - introducing ourselves and answering questions our friends asked. This afternoon we imagined what would happen if some different story characters met! We made up and performed a short story.

World Book Day 2019!

Friday 18th January 2019

Today we had a fantastic day of pirate science and investigation!  We started our day experimenting with floating and sinking.  We made predictions about the objects we were testing and then tried each one on water to discover their buoyancy.  We had some really interesting discussions about what we saw.  We had a tricky problem to solve with a ball of plasticine- was it possible to change the shape to make it float?  Everybody persevered until they had solved the challenge and we all felt very proud of ourselves.  We learnt that it is not just an object's weight but also its shape which helps it to float.


After our investigations, we used our learning to design and make a pirate ship that would both float and hold some treasure before it began to sink.  We worked really well in our pairs and came up with some excellent ideas.  At the end of the day, we tested our ships- every single one floated!  We then loaded 'treasure' onto our ships to see how much they could hold before they sank.  One ship managed to hold 2 and a half kilograms!  What a great day of investigating, learning and applying by all the deer class- well done!  

Pirate Poem Practise!

Pirate Performance!

Still image for this video
This week, we discussed a variety of pirate poems, including narrative, acrostic and limerick. We chose our favourite and tried to learn and then perform them. The whole class was impressed by Florence and Kyle's performance as, not only did they memorise their poem,, they also added actions! We hope you enjoy their performance too.

17th December 2018

What a busy few weeks we have had! We really enjoyed our latest topic, 'Delve into the Darkness'.  Recently, it has been all about Christmas! We wrote brilliant letters to Father Christmas, using statements, questions, commands and exclamations.  We also designed and made our very own baubles to decorate our Christmas trees. We have carried out lots of tricky maths activities - even at this festive time of year it is great to grow our brains!  We had SO much fun when the panto came to visit ("Oh yes we did!") and found it especially funny when some of our teachers had to take part in a dance medley!

The Deer class and their teachers would like to wish you all a very 'Merry Christmas'! 

WOW! The children excelled in our Christmas show 'Angel Express'! They worked so hard and we hope you enjoyed their performances as much as we did. We were incredibly proud.

Last week, we had lots of fun making apple crumble! We followed the recipe instructions , practising our peeling, cutting, mixing and rubbing skills! This week, we followed up the activity by writing our own set of instructions.  THANK YOU to all of the parents who donated the ingredients so that we could do this fun activity.

Friday 19th October: As part of our 'Light' topic, we have been learning about a plant which LOVES light - the sunflower! Did you know that sunflowers always turn towards the sun and follow it wherever it is in the sky? We did some brilliant writing about the lifecycle of a sunflower and used lots of super science words like 'germinates' and 'seedling'.

We have also planted our own sunflower seeds so that we can watch the lifecycle in action! So far, they are growing beautifully!

Week 5 

The children in Deer class have been working very hard this week.  In Maths we have learnt how to add 3 digit numbers by exchanging and hiding our extra tens and ones in the cellar until we need them! In English we have been looking at non fiction texts before thinking of questions that we could pose to our friends, and answering theirs. We have really enjoyed finding out more about light and seasons in our topic. Did you know that people in Australia sometimes spend the day on the beach?! We were very surprised to discover that whilst it is Winter here, it is Summer there.

Our focus Common Exception Words next week will be : pass, class, grass, should, people. Please practice these over the weekend to give your child a head start.


We have been working so hard on our handwriting. Look at the progress we have made so far, in just 5 weeks!

Thursday 4th October 2018

Today we were launched into space (virtually)!  We had a brilliant time whizzing through the solar system, discovering lots of fascinating new facts on our journey.  We have many budding astronauts in Year 2 - maybe one of them will be the first Deer in space??  





Roald Dahl Day

Last week we celebrated Roald Dahl's birthday!  We watched a clip from the musical 'Matilda' and wrote about the things we might like to do 'When I Grow Up'.